(NAS.kar dad)
A white, working class father.
Example Citation:
Although politics and pole position might seem an unlikely mix, analysts say Democrats could be on to something. Candidates in recent years have coveted the votes of so-called soccer moms, but pollsters recently have begun extolling a group dubbed NASCAR dads — the political demographic du jour. The definition of a NASCAR dad is evolving, but he's been described as a working-class man who places more emphasis on values than on party labels.
— Colleen McCain, "Where politics and racing collide," The Dallas Morning News, September 16, 2002
Earliest Citation:
[Democratic pollster Celinda] Lake suggested the Democrats should aim to improve their performance among working-class men, who she referred to as "NASCAR dads," over the target suggested by Democratic pollster Mark Penn of aiming for upscale suburban men, a Republican-leaning group he called "office park dads." "NASCAR dads are a better opportunity for us," she said.
— Will Lester, "Poll Shows Bush Still Dominates," The Associated Press, June 25, 2002
The earliest use of this sense of the phrase NASCAR dad dates to 2002 (see the earliest citation, below). However, here's a different sense that's a few years older:
Leila's \#1 Gift for NASCAR dads — Die-Casts of their Favorite NASCAR Racing Car."
— "Antique Roadshow' Expert Helps You Select Top Collectible Gifts for Father's Day," PR Newswire, April 16, 1999
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